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Property Management & Rentals

What do we do?

At Liaison, we manage and maintain the property, to the owners’ convenience, dealing with all aspects, from allocation of cleaning personnel, handling maintenance and repairs, and many other aspects, to ensure that our valued owners have a delightful stay whenever they are in Town, and ensure that the property is in a perfect condition when it is not in use. Liaison property will also manage the rentals of the property, finding rent opportunities, and handling reservations, and check-ins, providing our owners with a hassle-free investment opportunity.

Why you should choose Liaison Property:

  1. Big, reputable company with strong position on the market
  2. Over 25 years’ experience and knowledge of clients’ needs
  3. Big variety of documented and verified properties
  4. The best offers from reputable developers
  5. wide range of after-sales services
  6. legal support

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